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Great detective work

Sep 18, 2020

Great detective work

Great detective work

Sometimes Sharpe Services get a call to deal with an unsolved mystery that is plaguing a household.

In this case, our experienced tech had a real challenge. Despite the switchboard having been brought up to current compliance the household was still experiencing intermittent power blackouts.

The latest one meant the family car had been trapped in the carport as the roller door was jammed shut and had to be manually lifted up.

Our tech quietly and efficiently worked through all the electrical circuits, testing for possibilities.

The culprit was uncovered hiding at the bottom of a cupboard! The cabling for underfloor heating’s thermostat was located here and had evidence of being overloaded and tripping the circuit breaker.

This area was disconnected and the owners advised to contact the supplier to see if the system could be repaired under warranty.

Sharpe Services’ fully qualified, insured and experienced techs love a challenge so call us today to solve your electrical mystery.

Do you have any ongoing electrical issues that other electricians can’t fix?

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