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Get leaking taps fixed now

Sep 16, 2020

Get leaking taps fixed now

Get leaking taps fixed now

Dripping taps shouldn’t be ignored. Not only is a leak sending money down the drain in lost water, a persistent drip can cause long-term damage.

In the case of an internal tap drip or fitting leak, pooled water can cause mould, a potential health risk.

The pooled water can attack seals and tiling grout in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. In extreme cases, moisture can infiltrate and encourage timber rot to set in or lift and buckle a laminate surface.

A dripping garden tap can create the perfect environment for white ants. So check your wall-mounted garden tap isn’t dripping and attracting termites to your house foundations.

Drips and leaks can be the symptom of a greater issue, such as water supply pressure or the possibility of corroded or damaged pipes.

Sharpe Services recently fixed internal and external leaks at this Adelaide property. Early detection saves you money.

Speak to Sharpe about their Plumbing Safety Service & Free Garden Tap Changeover Spring Offer today.

Sharpe Services are available now to attend to any plumbing issue. Call us today.

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