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Do Evaps need a Service?

Sep 15, 2020

Do Evaps need a Service?

Do Evaps need a Service?

This northern suburb household made the right decision when they called Sharpe Services to open up their evaporative cooling system for summer as it uncovered a potentially serious issue.

Our fully qualified and insured tech carried out one of our thorough scheduled services, which results in a signed checklist document being presented on completion.

The unit was cleaned and the filter pads flushed. The water flow rate, fan speeds and airflow were all tested and found to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

All major components were confirmed to be operating correctly except the bleed line was closed.

All evaporative air conditioning systems need some water bleed-off system to prevent corrosive mineral deposits building up. Having the correct setting of the bleed rate is a key aspect in ensuring a system has a long lifespan.

Some systems have a valve that “dumps” water rather than a “bleed” system. Only a licensed professional should attempt to alter the settings on these systems.

So yes, it’s important that Evaps are serviced regularly.

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