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Beat the evap open rush

Sep 7, 2020

Beat the evap open rush

Beat the evap open rush

It’s that time of year when a short blast of summer heat gets people thinking about their cooling systems.

Sharpe Services gets a rush of requests during late spring from homeowners wanting to open up their evaporative systems.

Beat the rush and get Sharpe on the job today, like this household in Brighton did last week.

Sharpe’s experienced, fully qualified and insured tech Louis carried out one of our extensive and documented scheduled services.

All aspects of the evap system were checked and tested. This included the water flow rate, fan speeds, air flow and ducting.

Maintenance items included cleaning and flushing the filter pads, adjusting the pulley tension and alignment of the fans and main blower mechanism, and lubricating shafts and bearings.

Safety checks included the electrical and water supply.

This particular evap was six years old but in perfect condition, because it had been regularly serviced by professionals.

It is now ready to provide clean, fresh, filtered, cool air, summer’s most refreshing tonic.

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today.

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