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We always finish the job

Aug 28, 2020

We always finish the job

We always finish the job

Ever had that slightly sick feeling in the stomach when the tradesperson leaves with a job uncompleted?

As the doubts build up the worst-case scenarios become potential nightmares? Will they return? If they don’t, what comeback do I have on the quality of the work and how safely it has been undertaken? If it all turns to custard is there someone, anyone, who can make it work for me without costing the earth?

With 30 vans and over 40 years of experience, Sharpe Services have come across these situations more frequently than we’d like. But we don’t shy away from a challenge once we are agreed with our clients on a realistic outcome.

We recently installed a replacement inverter for this north-eastern suburb property that had installed solar many years ago.

The latest inverters come with reliable wi-fi monitoring. This can be confusing for people with older systems who need to be introduced to the new technology.

No problem for Sharpe Services. Our technician made sure he returned to get a firmware update installed and the system running properly.

Job done! Everyone happy!

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