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The best seat in the house

Aug 11, 2020

The best seat in the house

The best seat in the house

The most used seat in the house is the toilet but it’s surprising how ignored this vital piece of equipment is.

Cracked or damaged toilet seats and leaks around the pan, base or waste trap seal are health risks. What condition is your toilet in?

How efficient is the cistern? If it doesn’t flush properly, waste is left in the toilet pan, attracting flies that can spread germs around the house.

After decades of use the whole toilet suite looks old, tired and out of fashion.

Modern replacements are a stylish and easy upgrade that Sharpe Services specialises in. More efficient and hygienic, the latest dual-flush toilet suites can reduce water usage from 12 litres per flush to just 3.5 litres. Eco-efficiency goes hand-in-hand with cost saving.

Become the power behind the throne with a toilet changeover.

Sharpe Services can upgrade your bathroom with the latest waterwise toilet suites.

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