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The beating heart of your home

Aug 31, 2020

The beating heart of your home

The beating heart of your home

Sharpe Services reckons the switchboard is the beating heart of your home. Its circuit breakers and safety switches certainly are the guardian angels of your family.

Without the proper fail-safe protection devices, a circuit overload can result in potential electrocution or even a house fire.

Did you know that safety switches have been required in new house builds and renovations since 1991? How old is your house? Does it meet modern safety standards? When was it last tested and checked for safety?

Recently Sharpe Services was called to this Salisbury Downs property which was experiencing ongoing switchboard issues.

Over the years various additions had been made to the electrical system. The last one had involved the installation of rooftop solar.

Some components in the switchboard were no longer relevant, while other circuits were being overloaded with evidence of burnout. It was time to upgrade.

A switchboard upgrade by Sharpe Services’ experienced and fully-licensed techs is an affordable first step towards your family’s electrical safety. Think of it as future-proofing your property.

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards?

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