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Emergencies WITHIN THE HOUR*

Saved from shock in 0.04sec!

Aug 23, 2020

Saved from shock in 0.04sec!

Saved from shock in 0.04sec!

Residual Current Devices can save your life in just 0.04sec. That is how quickly it operates to shut down the supply of electricity when it detects a fault or overload.

It could be a damp light switch in the bathroom, an overloaded power circuit, a person hitting an electrical cable hidden in a wall when hanging a picture frame, or someone inadvertently cutting through a power cord.

The causes are endless but the result is always the same if an industry-compliant Residual Current Device (RCD or safety switch) is correctly fitted to your switchboard: Lives are saved. Safety switches minimise the risk of electricity-related fires, electrocution, injury and death. Make sure you have the correct ones fitted to your switchboard. In these troubled times, when more people are either working from home or spending more time on their property, Sharpe Services is being called out to fix non-compliant switchboards.

Did you know that safety switches are required by law to be installed in all buildings where electrical circuits have been altered or added? This law was introduced in 1991. If your home was built before then, it may not be properly protected.

Even if you have the correct safety switches fitted, you should always be mindful of electrical safety. Don’t overload power points but get extra outlets added. If your bathroom is always damp it could increase electrical hazard risks. Ventilate it by getting a quality exhaust fan or 3 in 1 Fan Light Heat Lamp installed by a certified electrician.

Sharpe Services has a range of products to ensure electrical safety. Book a comprehensive Electrical Safety Service and Inspection that is carried out by its certified electricians to ensure the entire household’s wiring and switchboard are operating safely and correctly. If it is non-compliant, affordable upgrades are available. With 30 vans and over 40 years in business, Sharpe Services can also be at your house within the hour to attend to any electrical emergency or power loss.

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