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Safety checks pays off

Aug 4, 2020

Safety checks pays off

Safety checks pays off

How’s your ducted gas heater going this winter? Manufacturers and fire authorities stress that only regular servicing by a qualified technician can ensure your system is up to standard and safe.

This week Sharpe Services’ fully qualified and insured tech Matt ran his specialized diagnostic equipment over this St Marys property.

One of the most important checks is to see if the unit is leaking deadly carbon-monoxide fumes. Odorless and colourless, CO is known as the “silent killer”.

This is why it is important for households with gas heating to also install a CO detector alarm. These have an expiry date that should be recorded and checked.

High CO levels can be caused by a faulty or poorly maintained heater, a blocked or defective flue, or if the appliance has not been installed in an adequately ventilated area.

This system passed all safety checks. How safe is yours?

Sharpe Services is available now to service and safety check your ducted heating. Call us today.

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