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Make Dad’s day with an upgrade

Aug 30, 2020

Make Dad’s day with an upgrade

Make Dad’s day with an upgrade

Is your Dad one of those practical people with a shed or hobby space?

Often a home workshop has evolved over the years, being cobbled together with old shelving and benches. Electrical safety is often overlooked, resulting in a dangerous spaghetti of electrical cables, fuses and old switches.

Then there is the issue of lighting, an important part of making a workspace safe.

Sharpe Services has a range of upgrades that make great Father’s Day gifts.

Is Dad piggy-backing tools and appliances off a single power point?

Sharpe Services can supply and install double power points. Other options include overhead suspension extension sockets. These give huge practicality to a garage or workshop.

Does the main power connection to the workshop meet current compliance standards?

Sharpe Services often come across sub-standard and outdated switchboards with no safety switches and ancient porcelain fuses.

It also isn’t uncommon for a heavy-duty extension cord to be run from the house to the workshop. This is extremely unsafe.

You will be surprised how affordable a new mini-switchboard with a safety switch is. This will keep Dad safe and sound.

If the wiring is up to standard, there are a range of other additions available that won’t break the bank but make a huge difference.

Sharpe Services can upgrade the shed lighting to brighter LEDs which are also much cheaper to run.

What about outside? A waterproof twin-outlet power point might be useful.

Then there is external lighting. Sharpe Services can supply and install a motion-sensor floodlight to light Dad’s way to his shed. Another fitted inside will get him to his workbench and tools.

All these upgrades are about safety and convenience. Call Sharpe Services to Upgrade Dad’s Shed.

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