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HWS Help – within the hour

Aug 27, 2020

HWS Help – within the hour

HWS Help – within the hour

Very few daily disasters are as demoralising as the hot water system failing, especially in winter.

That’s why it’s reassuring to know Sharpe Services emergency technicians are just a phone call away and available within the hour.

With 30 vans and over 40 years of experience, Sharpe Services should be the first call you make when disaster strikes. Sharpe techs can work on all types of electric, gas and solar hot water systems.

Sharpe Services was recently called out to an inner-Adelaide property, where the solar hot water system kept tripping the safety switch.

Experienced Sharpe tech Adam found water leaking from this older unit and a terminal issue with the booster element.

Replacement was the only option but did this property need another large-capacity system?

As it was a unit with a sole occupant, instantaneous gas hot water was the most practical replacement. In situations like this, it pays to get the best help and advice.

Sharpe Services has 30 vans and the experience of 40 years in operation. Our professionals can attend household emergencies within the hour.

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