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House of horrors

Aug 7, 2020

House of horrors

House of horrors

A recent Sharpe Services callout underlines the importance of household electrical safety inspections.

This traditional Glenelg villa had a range of issues that Sharpe Services’ experienced, fully licensed and insured electrician Carl has come across before.

Various new circuits had been added to existing wiring, which was already many decades old and degrading. Some junction boxes were exposed and rodents had caused more damage.

The occupant was concerned that the safety switch was tripping frequently so did the right thing and called Sharpe Services to investigate.

Older wiring systems can be a disaster waiting to happen. For example, did you know that back in the 1940s electrical cables were housed in metal conduit, not plastic?

Over time they rusted, with the flaking metal creating the risk of an electrical short.

How old is your wiring? When was the last time it was checked for safety?

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards?

Sharpe’s comprehensive Electrical Safety Service & Inspection will uncover any electrical issues that you may have in your home.

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