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Home truths on hot water

Aug 17, 2020

Home truths on hot water

Home truths on hot water

Did you know that 30% of your power bill can be soaked up just heating water? Sharpe Services has a few handy hints.

First, make a habit of getting it professionally serviced every two years. You will be amazed how much this can extend the system’s lifetime. Changing over the Sacrificial Anode at the right time, extends the life of your hot water storage system by another 5 years.

If your hot water service is leaking, it’s often the Pressure Release Valve that needs to be changed over, get it fixed ASAP as the longer you wait, the more it increases your water, hot water and electricity or gas bills.

Correctly set water temperatures ensure that your system is not overheating the water. In storage systems, a temperature of 60C will eliminate risk of Legionella bacteria. In gas instantaneous, a set temperature of 50C is only required as water is not stored.

The benefits of getting your hot water serviced regularly by a certified plumber extends its life, improves efficiency, and overall operational and user safety. Servicing costs less than replacement but when a system dies it’s decision time. Sharpe Services provides changeovers and upgrades to more suitable and eco-efficient systems to suit your home and lifestyle requirements.

Hot water system due for a service? Is your hot water service leaking water? Hot water service not heating as it used to? Sharpe’s plumbers are certified and experienced in working with solar, gas and electric hot water services.

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