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High Feed-in Tariff Solar Repairs

Aug 14, 2020

High Feed-in Tariff Solar Repairs

High Feed-in Tariff Solar Repairs

The occupants of this Blakeview property noticed an error warning on their solar inverter and called Sharpe Services to investigate.

The inverter panel was displaying an “over temperature” error code. This means the inverter’s internals had been exposed to an electricity spike or being installed with direct sunlight exposure.

The most common causes are a lightning strike, grid over-voltage incident or an electrical grounding fault. While quality inverters survive summer heat, like all electrical componentry they can be vulnerable in these extreme situations.

The Blakeview property had an older system that attracts the highest feed-in tariff available. This means any replacement of components needed to be done in such a way that it didn’t compromise the family’s access to this tariff.

So if you are lucky enough to have a high feed-in tariff you need to be careful in selecting the correct certified solar electricians to advise and work on your system so that you don’t risk losing your high feed-in tariff. Inexperienced tradespeople sometimes unwittingly fit components that result in the system producing more energy than allowed under the original tariff agreement, which may result in the loss of the high feed-in tariff.

Sharpe Services, with over 40 years of experience in maintenance, repairs and upgrades to older solar systems, are the trusted experts you can rely on to get the job done properly.

Need a Solar Service or Repair? Have an Error on Your Solar Inverter?  Electricity Bill unexpectedly Increased?

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