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Heat pump a change for good

Aug 2, 2020

Heat pump a change for good

Heat pump a change for good

When a Noarlunga household’s solar hot water system failed due to old age it was decision time.

Should they replace the leaking system with a similar unit or make the switch to a heat pump?

After confirming the existing system was beyond repair Sharpe Services talked over the options with the property owners.

Heating water can soak up to 30% of a domestic power bill so it’s crucial to get a replacement system that is as efficient as possible.

As the Noarlunga house already had a rooftop solar system a heat pump made sense. It could be configured to work when the solar array was generating power and be topped up if necessary during the off-peak electricity tariff period.

Sharpe Services supplied and installed an EvoHeat Evo270, named best hot water system for the past two years by consumer opinion website ProductReview.com.au.

Heat pumps are easy to install and take up minimal space on the side of a house, freeing up roof space for solar PV panels.

Their heat transfer system generates 4kW of heat from just 1kW of energy, making them one of the most efficient forms of water heating.

Being registered with the Australian Federal Government Clean Energy Regulator as an energy-efficient water heater means the Evo270 is also eligible for government rebates once installed.

The Evo270 has several market leading technologies that ensure it won’t leak refrigerant, is protected from any risk of bacteria, and will never freeze in extreme cold weather.

A Hydroboost feature provides up to 105 litres of 60C hot water an hour, even when outside temperatures have plunged below zero.

Talk to Sharpe Services about your hot water options, be it gas, electric or solar. The first step is to book a service to confirm the condition of your existing system.

Concerned about the performance of your Hot Water Service? Sharpe Services can carry out an affordable check, repair or upgrade of your hot water system.

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