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Get the best from your solar

Aug 16, 2020

Get the best from your solar

Get the best from your solar

Having been at the forefront of South Australia’s switch to domestic solar for more than two decades, Sharpe Services get to see how a lot of older systems have been performing.

Last week we tested and inspected this system at Hillbank. Our capped-priced scheduled solar service involves cleaning, checking the quality of the original installation as well as testing the performance of each panel. Common faults here can be vermin attacking wiring or taking up residence under the panels along with badly-installed panels that have created roof leaks. Sometimes panels were of such inferior quality to start with they are now barely producing power.

The next stage of the service is using specialist tools to test the wiring, isolators, and connections. There has been a long-time recall on certain brands of isolators similar to the automotive industry’s Takata airbag recall. Is your isolator one of these?

The inverter is then checked for faults and errors, and the solar switch in the main switchboard is verified to be working correctly.

Many solar-system problems occur in hard-to-get areas and all work needs to be undertaken by fully qualified technicians.

All Sharpe Services’ in-house solar technicians are certified electricians who deal with servicing, repairs, and installations on a daily basis. They know what they are doing and are fully insured with all work guaranteed.

Sharpe Services is experienced in all types and brands of solar, regardless of whether Sharpe installed the original system or not.

In this case, the system was performing so well the homeowners discussed the possibility of installing battery storage to get the ultimate result from their original investment.

Sharpe Services was happy to advise on this, as well as confirm that the system was operating at peak efficiency, had quality panels that had been carefully installed, and a waterproofed isolator switch.

The rush to rooftop solar 10 years ago saw second-rate installers enter the market. Tough regulations have weeded most of them out but if you have any doubts about your system’s quality or performance, or if your installer is no longer in operation or shutdown to open under another name, call Sharpe Services for a safety check and honest advice on the best way forward. Sharpe is a proudly SouthAustralian business that has been in operation for over 40 years and all staff are COVID-19 Aware and are Responsible, Sanitised, and Up to Date – Adopting Best Practice.

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