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Gas & Carbon Monoxide Safety Drive

Aug 24, 2020

Gas & Carbon Monoxide Safety Drive

Gas & Carbon Monoxide Safety Drive

Our new, 2020 stay-at-home habit is placing a great strain on all types of household supply lines and appliances, including heating and cooking systems.

One form of energy that has potentially life-threatening results if servicing is neglected or ignored is gas.

Safety authorities say all gas appliances, including heating and cooking systems, along with hot water, should be professionally tested a minimum of every two years.

If they aren’t serviced regularly, there is an increased risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning or a potential explosion from a gas leak.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas you can’t see or smell. Unless a working Carbon Monoxide alarm is installed, the only “last-chance” safety warning you will get is drowsiness or mild nausea after a faulty system has been running for a while.

Sharpe Services is running a Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety Drive for August – where you can Get a Home Gas Safety Check, a Gas Heater Service (Space, Wall or Ducted) and the Installation of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in your gas heater all for $290.

There is no substitute for regular, professional servicing and gas safety testing.

Sharpe Services are experienced in the service, repair and quick changeovers/upgrades of all types and models of gas heaters and cookers. Call us today.

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