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Easy fix gas repair

Aug 13, 2020

Easy fix gas repair

Easy fix gas repair

A quick call to Sharpe Services has got a Wynn Vale family warm and cosy again.

The wall-mounted patio gas heater had suddenly stopped staying alight. The occupants realised that if they kept holding down the operating cord that ignites the ignition it would keep running.

Obviously this was not a safe option so they took the sensible decision to call an expert to investigate.

Sharpe Services’ fully licensed and insured gas plumber Shaun traced the problem to a faulty gas valve.

Typical symptoms of a patio heater problem that requires repairs by a professional include it not staying lit, the flame being too low, the gas supply not coming through or the flame not staying consistent.

As Sharpe Services has a supply chain to the industry’s best and most trusted brands, we can complete affordable repairs or advise on and supply the most appropriate replacement system for any gas heater.

Sharpe Services are available now to service and safety check your gas heater. Call us today.

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