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Don’t Ignore the Gas Safety Issue

Aug 9, 2020

Don’t Ignore the Gas Safety Issue

Don’t Ignore the Gas Safety Issue

In the midst of the cold wet wintery weather home heating is taking a beating, which brings safety to top of mind, especially when using gas.

Don’t ignore the little things that can compromise your safety. A rusty flue on a heater vent may not be considered important but it could mean the system is not functioning efficiently and safely.

Similarly, a heater that is hard to light, or burns with a weak flame are other symptoms of a potential problem. Another issue is broken seals and cracked ducting in ducted gas heating systems.All this is all hidden away in the roof space. The first householders usually find out about this is when their next gas bill arrives and it’s a shocker.

Then there is the issue of personal safety. Drowsiness or mild nausea after the heating has been running for a while could indicate the early stages of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Government authorities urge homeowners to ensure all gas appliances are properly serviced and checked for correct installation and warn against the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning from a leaking gas heater, or gas appliance for that matter. So the moral is don’t ignore any issue.
Get it fixed and certified by fully qualified technicians.

Sharpe Services offer an affordable and comprehensive Gas Heater Service for Wall, Floor, or Ducted systems of a wide variety of brands to ensure that everything is running well and up to standard.

Sharpe Services are Adelaide’s trusted for both gas heating services and repairs, and the supply and installation of the correct CO2 alarms, which alert occupants of any gas leaks.

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