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Decision time for gas heater

Aug 21, 2020

Decision time for gas heater

Decision time for gas heater

Every heating and cooling system will eventually need replacing. Typical lifespan is around 20-25 years but regular professional servicing can extend the lifespan of a quality system.

Sharpe Services was called to this inner-Adelaide home recently when the ducted gas heater stopped. The problem was traced to a faulty PCB (electronic control module).

Sharpe will check if the correct part is available. If not then the system will need to be replaced. But what with?

At one stage this gas system had a cooling option added, taking up vital outdoor space on the tight inner-suburban block.

In this case Sharpe Services would recommend a switch to reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning. Not only will this declutter the house exterior, it is a much more energy-efficient option than gas, especially if a property has rooftop solar.

This is because a gas heater creates energy while a reverse-cycle air-conditioner transfers air. A quality air-conditioner will typically produce at least three kilowatts of energy to heat or cool from just one kilowatt of electricity.

Sharpe Services are experienced in the service, repair and replacement, if necessary, of all types and models of gas heaters. Call us today.

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