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Clean up Asbestos Switchboard

Aug 5, 2020

Clean up Asbestos Switchboard

Clean up Asbestos Switchboard

One area often overlooked as a potential location of asbestos is the electrical switchboard.

There is a huge chance that any house that hasn’t had its switchboard upgraded in the past 15 years contains asbestos.

It’s not just the backing panel, which used to be manufactured in a composite of asbestos/resin or asbestos/coal-tar pitch. Asbestos wadding was often used in porcelain fuse holders and early forms of circuit breakers.

If it is sealed with paint or resin and can’t be disturbed, asbestos is reasonably safe. It’s when it cracks or gets drilled, such as when work is done on a switchboard, there is a huge risk of airborne particles being released.

Sharpe Service’s advice is, don’t take chances. If you think your switchboard has asbestos components or is old, book a hassle-free electrical safety service for $165 and get it checked by a qualified electrician.

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards?

Sharpe’s comprehensive Electrical Safety Service & Inspection will uncover any electrical issues that you may have in your home.

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