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Better safe than sorry

Aug 18, 2020

Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

Adelaide is admired for its range of historic and classic villas that sprawl across our older suburban blocks.

These are built like battleships with double-brick or stone exteriors and single-brick internal walls. Wooden floors, tall skirting boards and generous ceiling heights are other distinctive features.

Of course, along with the history comes the potential of electrical issues. After many decades of use and various upgrades the wiring is often a mix and match of eras that may have compromised safety.

Switchboards can contain asbestos and also may not meet current compliance regarding circuit overload and the risk of electrocution.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Sharpe Services has had decades of experience working on older Adelaide houses.

Some tradespeople find access to wiring on Adelaide’s solid old villas daunting and the problems hard to trace. But not Sharpe.

Sharpe Services’ fully qualified, insured and experienced techs love a challenge so call us today to work on your villa.

Do you have any concerns about your household’s electrics possibly not being up-to-date and meeting current compliance?

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