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Bathroom Warming

Aug 12, 2020

Bathroom Warming

Bathroom Warming

Mum’s always in a hurry, isn’t she? So quality time in the bathroom is special for her.

Know how you can brighten up her life? Get Sharpe Services to install one of the latest-technology fan-light-heater combinations.

When she gets out of the shower the overheat heating element will make Mum feel like she’s standing under a summer sun.

Then the ultra-bright lighting elements will give her the best make-up lights in town.

Of course, the efficient fan will have already made sure the whole bathroom is fog-free and you can’t get better than that.

A quality combination fan-light-heater is the most efficient and safest way to brighten up a bathroom. It is not designed to heat the whole room, just the person standing under it while they are drying themselves.

Mum’s going to love you for this. Call Sharpe Services today.

Combination fan-light-heaters must be installed by a licensed electrician. Here in Sharpe Services our fully-licensed electricians can turn your winter bathroom into a summer experience.

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