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A/C Not Heating in One Room

Aug 25, 2020

A/C Not Heating in One Room

A/C Not Heating in One Room

This recent Sharpe Services callout shows why it pays to get your ducted air-conditioning professionally serviced.

The client requested a full service of this Ducted system in a two-storey house. Our fully qualified, insured and experienced tech made a thorough examination and tested all components, including the ducting.

Just as well, because the ducting to part of downstairs had come apart.

Often the first time a householder realises something like this has happened is when a large power bill arrives.

A leak like this drags the performance of the whole system down, putting a strain on the main unit and sucking up electricity.

Have you compared your recent power bill with the one from last year to see if your system is using more electricity than it should? Is it heating all areas as it should? When was the last time you got your system professionally serviced?

Sharpe Services has a range of affordable capped-price service schedules to give you peace of mind regarding your heating and cooling systems.

Servicing identifies potential issues before they become expensive problems.

Get your Wall Hung or Ducted Air Conditioning System serviced by a certified Air Tech from Sharpe Services. Services are affordable and improve your system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your ducted air-conditioner to call an expert.

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