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Rusted electrical meter box

Jul 31, 2020

Rusted electrical meter box

Rusted electrical meter box

It’s been a dry old July but that hasn’t stopped the effects of earlier winter rains taking their toll.

This Henley Beach household lost power when a rusted out switchboard cabinet reached its final days.

Water had slowly been infiltrating circuit fuses and the build-up of dampness after the last big rain event shorted-out major circuits, including to the solar system.

Sharpe Services’ certified and fully insured tech Dean was soon in action getting this household operational again.

It looked like previous attempts had been made to seal up the switchboard cabinet but once rust sets in it’s definitely time for a replacement.

It’s a similar situation for solar, where Sharpe Services is receiving a growing number of calls for water-logged isolators to be replaced.

Now is the time to get your electrics and solar checked before the rains return.

How safe is your solar? Do you have a storm-proof isolator and watertight switchboard cabinet?

An Electrical or Solar Safety Service is a great option to detect issues and to put your mind at ease.

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