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Electricity cable bitten by rats

Jul 30, 2020

Electricity cable bitten by rats

Electricity cable bitten by rats

When Rats chew on electricity and data cables, it results in the exposure of the copper cores that conduct electricity. These exposed wires could electrocute the rat or anyone who touches or stands on it or expose the home to power losses or potential fire hazards.

Sharpe Services was called to this Westbourne Park property last week when power was lost to the rear of the house.

Using his specialist equipment, certified electrician Carl started tracing the circuits back from the switchboard.

He soon found that cabling running under a window in the double-brick wall had been chewed by a rat, causing circuit failure.

When this happens the risk of potential electrocution or fire is major if your switchboard doesn’t have the proper circuit breakers and safety switches installed.

Did you know that safety switches have been required in new house builds and renovations since 1991? How old is your house? Does it meet current safety standards?

If you experience a power loss, Sharpe can be there within the hour. Otherwise, get peace of mind and book Sharpe’s comprehensive and affordable electrical safety service for your home.

Experiencing power losses?  Light flickering? Are appliances regularly breaking down? These are indications that your home’s wiring is compromised.

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