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Drains can be a health risk

Jul 24, 2020

Drains can be a health risk

Drains can be a health risk

You should only get experienced, fully-qualified and insured plumbers to work on your property as this recent Sharpe Services call-out reveals.

The Para Hills West property had a poorly installed sewer pipe that needed the inspection opening raised to the correct level for easy access. These openings allow plumbers to gain quick access to a drainage system to clear any blockages.

The Department of Health website has detailed information on the required plumbing standards regarding household drains. It says that poorly installed or maintained drainage systems from the kitchen and bathroom create a potential for serious health issues, including bacterial and viral infections and diseases.

Sharpe Services’ Matt soon fixed this problem drain. How safe is your system? Does it meet the Department of Health standards? Call Sharpe Services today if you have any doubts.

Sharpe Services has 30 vans and the experience of 40 years in operation. Our professionals can attend any plumbing emergency within the hour.

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