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A/C Service saves money

Jul 28, 2020

A/C Service saves money

A/C Service saves money

Ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioners are a popular heating and cooling option for South Australians.

This means they work year-round and so need regular servicing to keep them running at peak efficiency. Many people only call a specialist if something goes wrong but this is a false economy.

Sharpe Services has a range of capped-price service schedules. This week our fully licensed and insured air-conditioning tech Paul serviced and safety checked a ducted A/C system in St Georges. This comprehensive 15 point service also includes gas leak checks, air filter clean, operation and efficiency checks, lubrication and clean.

With many important parts, such as the ducting and its dampers, hidden up in the ceiling, it’s affordable peace of mind to get the entire unit checked for safety and performance.

Regular servicing saves you money. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your ducted air-conditioner to call an expert.

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